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1. Garden Plan (2018)

40' x 21' (12m x 6m)
garden version 2

2. Garden Plan U shape (2018)

5' x 9' (1m x 2m)
U shape garden

3. Munich Re Cafe Side Garden (2018)

84' x 90' (25m x 27m)

4. veggies (2018)

59' x 17' (18m x 5m)
2018 Veggie Garden

5. Garden-Yard Bliss (2018)

88' x 30' (27m x 9m)
Dream garden... far right in front of blue is actually my front yar...

6. St Stephen's Strong Root (2018)

24' x 24' (7m x 7m)
St. STEPHEN'S STRONG ROOT Saint Stephen with a rose In and out of the garden he goes Country garden in the wind and the rain Wherever he goes the people all complain!

7. heathfield front (2018)

kent, uk
19' x 65' (6m x 20m)
front garden

8. Pinwheel Garden Summer (2018)

50' x 25' (15m x 7m)
Base plan for summer pinwheel

9. jared roach (2) (2018)

43' x 58' (13m x 17m)
2018 garden

10. NC Garden (2018)

nc garden
39' x 65' (12m x 19m)
nc garden

11. Our Garden (2018)

Zone 6
3' x 9' (1m x 3m)
raised bed garden

12. Straw Bale Veggie Water Plan (2018)

Yorkville, IL Zone 5
44' x 18' (13m x 5m)
Straw Bale Vegetable Garden with driphose irrigation. Fenced with 6-7ft Deer fence (about 1/2 ft of deer fence is under the garden (not dug into ground) to help deter digging critters from coming up into the garden from underneath), landscape fabric covers entire fenced in area. Driphose is on timer that waters early morning every day - will set to double water in dry hot periods. about 1 gallon per bale per day. (bales hold water well when oriented with straw ends up)

13. Veg Garden V1 (2018)

Westport, CT
11' x 11' (3m x 3m)
Marks Family Garden

14. Reid (2018)

Lower Farm, Northall
65' x 65' (20m x 20m)
Kitchen Garden

15. TomatoLand (2018)

Awesome Housie
15' x 12' (4m x 3m)
Attempting to learn from last year?

16. 18B Demonstration Garden (2017)

Kansas City, MO: 18B Demonstration Garden 2017
79' x 61' (24m x 18m)
18B Demonstration Garden KCMO, 2017

17. chase hollow farm (2018)

Rhode Island
47' x 31' (14m x 9m)
First year garden

18. Edible Garden (2018)

Mérida, Yucatán
28' x 18' (8m x 5m)
SFG has convinced me to give gardening a try.

19. Veggie Gardden 1 (2018)

70' x 54' (21m x 16m)
This garden has lots of tasty vegetables.

20. Sargent Garden (2018)

Weirton, WV
49' x 54' (15m x 16m)
Vegetable Garden

21. Malden Garden (2018)

Malden, MA
24' x 9' (7m x 3m)
Side Garden 2018

22. Ridgeway (2018)

Ridgeway Garden
9' x 7' (3m x 2m)
Kitchen garden in bacyard at Ridgeway, including perennial and annual herbs, with flowering herbs featured proinently.

23. Patrick's Community Garden (2018)

Madison, WI
9' x 9' (3m x 3m)
10'x10' community garden plot.

24. SFG-Home (2018)

CO14 8NA
39' x 50' (12m x 15m)
Home planting plan

25. Garden (2018)

Fox Island, WA
15' x 23' (4m x 7m)
With cross hatch fence