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26. Garden (2018)

Nanjemoy, MD
49' x 24' (15m x 7m)
Vegetable garden, does not include fall brassicas

27. Shine Bluff (2018)

Hood Canal, Olympic Peninsula, WA USA
89' x 89' (27m x 27m)
Raised Beds on South Facing Site in Pacific Northwest

28. Garden Plan (2018)

24' x 11' (7m x 3m)
Pewaukee, WI

29. New garden (2018)

Dublin city first veg garden
47' x 24' (14m x 7m)
First year growing for real hopefully I can get organised this time!

30. Davenport Garden (2018)

Southwest Iowa
49' x 49' (15m x 15m)
Homestead garden for 2 (fresh produce, canning, freezing, pickling, jams)

31. Rakshani Fence Height With Fruit Trees (2018)

Rakshani Backyard
61' x 40' (18m x 12m)
Rakshani Backyard Page 2

32. Belanger Spring Box 1 (2018)

Lytle, Texas
11' x 23' (3m x 7m)
General veggie and herb garden plot. Our other plot will be more of a beans, cabbage, leafy stuff.

33. veggies - front (2018)

50' x 75' (15m x 23m)
veggie garden

34. Sycamore Veggie Garden (2018)

Monkton, MD
39' x 24' (12m x 7m)
Sycamore Farm vegetable garden 2018 - a revitalization of an old, fallow garden. 7' fence all around. Basic vegetables and companion flowers. Irrigation system drives the layout.

35. Fall Front Garden (2018)

Front Garden Fall
32' x 59' (10m x 18m)
Front Fall Garden

36. Home (2018)

West Central Missouri
29' x 19' (9m x 6m)
First attempt at a raised bed garden

37. Fall Stover Back Garden (2018)

Back Garden Fall
74' x 34' (22m x 10m)
Fall layout

38. Norwood Back Yard (2018)

Southern California
72' x 92' (22m x 28m)
New backyard Garden, work in progress.

39. Garden At Your Leisure Farm (2018)

Port Angeles
37' x 57' (11m x 17m)
Family & Friend Farm

40. OYR Front Yard Garden - Spring (2018)

OYR Front Yard Garden - Spring 2018
22' x 24' (7m x 7m)
This is what I currently expect the layout of my front yard garden to look like at the end of May.

41. Rakshani (2018)

Rakshani Backyard
61' x 75' (18m x 23m)
Rakshani Backyard Page 1

42. Apple Orchard (2018)

The Farm
64' x 64' (19m x 19m)
Wouldn't an orchard with four rows of four be a nice small orchard? It would be 65'x65' and give us the ability to grow four varieties or six varieties of apples with 15' spacing between each tree.

43. BAck Yard (2018)

CEntral MAss
55' x 24' (16m x 7m)
Combination Raised BEds and Border garden. Still learning software. Brown Square is Compost Pile and Brown Rectangle is the partially covered Pergola with Catawaba and Concord Grapes. Most yard features are not on map, just the plants

44. Earth Garden (2018)

Kansas, USA
39' x 39' (12m x 12m)
Community Garden

45. Fenced Garden (2018)

Landmark, Manitoba
41' x 30' (12m x 9m)
Fenced garden. Greenhouse on the north, House on the west and 7 foot tall deck on the south side. Lots of morning sun. Great shelter from winter wind. Amended soil with 2 yards (8") of mushroom compost per bed.

46. Richardson (2018)

25' x 25' (7m x 7m)

47. Front Garden (2018)

Lillian, Texas
32' x 59' (10m x 18m)
Combo traditional row and raised bed garden. Back half of the garden does get a little shade, front is full sun after 8AM.

48. Lyon (2018)

45' x 30' (13m x 9m)

49. Kagawong (a) (2018)

42' x 12' (13m x 3m)
Addition to 2018 Plan #1

50. Kagawong PLan#1 (2018)

Kagawong, Ontario
43' x 17' (13m x 5m)
Home Garden - 3rd year